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I’ve been coming to Lynn for over 25 years. With the new digital technology she is able to match each hearing aid to my hearing loss. I’ve just really enjoyed coming here. It’s the end result that makes East End Hearing the best of the best
- Joan

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7 Signs You May Have Hearing Loss


In most cases, hearing loss doesn’t happen all at once. In fact, hearing loss can occur so gradually that you may not even notice a change in your hearing until the loss is severe.

If you’re concerned about your own hearing or that of a loved one, consider these common signs of hearing loss:

1. Others complain that the TV or radio is too loud or others seem to be enjoying the TV at a volume too low for you to hear.

2. You pretend to follow conversations that you don’t really hear. Often, out of embarrassment, people with hearing loss act as though they understand a conversation, but their participation is limited or seems out of rhythm with others.

3. You have a particularly hard time hearing women and children speak. This may indicate a problem hearing higher frequencies.

4. You become frequently annoyed because people don’t speak clearly.

5. You often ask people to repeat themselves.

6. Background noises like those in a busy restaurant make it too difficult for you to conduct a conversation with your companion.

7. The volume on your phone is set on high but you still can’t hear the person you’re talking to.

If you or someone you know is experiencing signs of hearing loss, contact an audiologist for a hearing test. Today’s hearing aids are discrete and there are many options available for treating hearing loss. With the help of a hearing specialist you can improve your life and communication with those you love.