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Feeling Out of Balance? Your Hearing May Be the Culprit

balance and dizziness

If you have been struggling with your balance, your hearing may be the culprit. Many people are surprised to learn that balance and hearing are directly related, and with the help of hearing devices, you just might be able to regain your balance.

The ear has an organ called the labyrinth in the inner ear. This has a direct effect on the balance system, also known as the vestibular system. When it is not functioning properly, the other systems of the body that help it maintain its position, including the eyes, bones and joints, will not function properly. In this case, you might feel dizzy or feel as though things around you are moving.

When your balance is impaired, you may have a balance disorder. Symptoms of a balance disorder may include:

  • The feeling of falling
  • Vertigo
  • Lightheadedness
  • Blurred vision
  • Feelings of disorientation

Notice, none of these symptoms are related to hearing, yet the ears have a vital role to play in balance disorders.

If the balance disorder is caused by the ears, a hearing specialist may be able to help. Balance retraining exercises, known as vestibular rehabilitation, can help restore balance for some people. Others may find that changes to their diet are the best way to control their balance disorder. Sometimes, in extreme cases, surgery is necessary to repair the ear.

If you are struggling with balance and feelings of dizziness, the first place you may want to look for help is with the audiologist at your local hearing aid provider. With their advice and the benefit of a hearing test, you can get pointed in the right direction to get treatment for your disorder, so you can function well once again.